Cadieux Cafe, Detroit, Wayne, Michigan 16 Dec 2018

Date: 16 Dec 2018  10 pmCadeuix Cafe

Outside Temperature: 35F

Humidity: Not noted

EMF: Not noted

Moon Phase: First Quarter


The Cadieux Café was owned by the Devos family since 1962 but will receive new ownership January 1, 2019.  The cafe was a known place during the time of Prohibition in Detroit.


Past claims say that Yvonne Devos currently “haunts” the Cadieux Café according to an article of the Best Haunted Bars in Detroit


Patty, Ace, Megan, Ryan, Tim and Kayla


Digital Records, mag light flashlights, Dowsing Rods, EMF meter


Upon arriving at the Café the team immediately felt the energies. The Cafes’ owner briefed on previous encounters & stated his hope’s for scientific proof.

The team separated throughout the Café utilizing video/photo equipment, EMF Meters, Divining Rods, EVP and senses.

Tim, Kayla, Patty & Ryan’s first stop was the basement where they found extreme activity on the EMF & the rods went crazy. Video of this session includes conversation with “Robert” via the rods. They found the connection to be very humorous for Robert came across as a great fella with an incredible personality. Robert claimed he was content in the basement & did not wish to go to the light at this time.

The entire team evaluated the Feather Bowl area, in which no paranormal activity was present.

The kitchen, hall and offices did not render any activity either. False readings in office due to internet and cable boxes.

Prior to the final Divining Session there was a loud knock at rear door. Tim went to door & saw no one, he returned to main area. Patty was in a backroom, heard the knock and foot steps only going in 1 direction. This was not caught on video, strange occurrence.

The main bar area had the highest levels of activity including a very strong presence of Yvonne, the owner’s Mother. She did not communicate well via EVP; however Ace and Megan claimed to have heard a voice state “Megan”. Patty was teaching the owner how to use Divining Rods when the most emotional communication with Yvonne occurred. Ron was able to converse with his Mother and was even hugged by her via the rods. This ended with a very heartwarming “Goodbye” between Ron and his mother. All was captured via a private video.

During the Divining Rod session, Yvonne made known that she was happy and did not wish to go to the light at this time and she wished to remain and watch over her Grandson.


The team believes they were able to communicate with Yvonne and Robert.

EVPs captured during paranormal investigation



Ace says, “You are trying to talk to us” with the SP-11 and we capture an “I am”

Video captured during Paranormal Investigation


We have to agree with the article of the the Best Haunted Bars in Detroit that says Yvonne is an entity at the Cadieux Cafe.  Excellent activity at the site and we would like to thank the owner for inviting us to his site to do this investigation.

The owner is very happy with this investigation and welcomes Great Lakes Ghost Hunters back real soon.

The day after the investigation, Patty was coincidentally invited to a private party at the Café for the following Thursday.  She attended this event and the EMF meter hiding in her purse which showed high activity from the moment she walked up to the building. A few videos taken include a few orbs.

Follow up and further investigating: team to return to Cadieux Café in hope’s of more in depth conversation, learning & documentation of entities Yvonne & Robert…report to come soon!

We wish the new owners much success in their new endeavors with the cafe as well.

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