Farmington Hills Residential, 5 Jan 2019

Date: 5 Jan 201920190105_185528

Farmington Hills Residential

Investigators: Brenda, Ace, Megan, Ryan and Patti

Equipment SP-11, Mag light Flashlights, EMF Meter, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, and Dowsing Rod

Outside Temperatures 44 F   Humidity 65% Precipitation 0 in

EMF 5 milliGauss

Wind wsw 10 mph

Moon Phase New Moon

Weather conditions: clear

Property Research:

    According to the house was built in 1960. It has three bedrooms on the ground floor with a basement and a detached garage. The family has lived in this house for quite some time. No evidence showing if another family had ever lived in the house.

    While conducting our investigation the client explained that on the northside of 9 Mile road, among a thicket of woods, there is remnants of a small graveyard. The client has spent many days exploring this graveyard. It appears to be from the Boys and Girls Republic Detention Center, which was closed and demolished years ago. A search of at this time does not produce any results. A search of a possible child murderer in the early 1960’s in the neighborhood on produced no evidence.

    A plat map from 1872 shows that this area was mostly farmland, possibly owned by a farmer named A. Wright. A cursory search for information on A. Wright doesn’t produce much information, it appears nobody from the family died on the property. The property where the small graveyard is located was 3 different properties, owned by Conroy, McDermodt and Smith; these three properties eventually became the Detention Center. Cannot locate any platmaps at this time after 1900 for further review, will keep looking.

    Research for the home is limited because of when the house was built. The neighborhood was built in the late 1950’s, and finished in 1960 most likely. Most likely only about 2 or 3 families have lived in this home.

    After conducting our research, and the investigation, it was revealed a few days later that the client had a Ouija Board in the house she sometimes played with. The board was taken care of in several ways, including smudging and other cleansing techniques. After a few days the client reported no activity… perhaps this was the source all along.


We starting the EVP session at the residence with dowsing rods due to high contamination with child and dog.  We had the dog and child taken to another room. Nothing came through with the Dowsing Rods so we started using the Spirit Box (SP-11).  During the SP11 Session, we captured a female voice asking, “Who are you?” The SP-11 started making sounds like Morris Code and we shut it off and restarted it.  We then changed the batteries had to be changed due to being drained. While doing the SP-11 Session, client reported her room became very cold but the room we were in registered a heat increase.

Second dowsing rod session was conducted and a man appeared to communicate with us.  We attempted to find out what the current year was from the entity but we were unable to do so.

Client reported to us that on another street, a man killed his two year old baby and stuffed him in a garbage can.  She also reported Pokemon Go Hunting in cemeteries near her house.

Mom returned to the room with us and the dowsing rods showed activity.

A second SP-11 Session was attempted

Photos captured during paranormal investigation

EVPs Captured during Paranormal Investigation


Do you know you’re deceased YEAH

Are you pre 1900’s WHISPER

GROWL when Ace coughs

SP-11 Audio (this does not determine entities in the home)


Who are you?

Are you read to cross over? I AM



Videos during Paranormal Investigation

Talking to the male spirit

The house was smudged with Sage to clear out any entities in the home.

After the investigation two days later, client let the team know she had used an Ouija Board in the past.  She has tried to get rid of it but no one will take the board. She believes that opened up activity in the home.  Toys are still going off on their own in the home.

The house will be cleansed a second time with Holy Wood.  If this does not clear it up, the family will need to get an exorcism on the home.


The Ouija Board was removed by the team.  Religious stickers were placed all over the board and the board was cut into seven pieces. It was buried in a secret location separated from the planchette.  Salt was placed under and over the board before being buried.


The home contains a lot of aquariums throughout the house with various animals (fish, frogs, reptiles).  It is believed that those tanks create a lot of EMF which entities use to feed on. We also believe that with the mom using the Ouija board and going to the cemeteries so much, she may have picked up an entity.

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