Ft Winnebago Surgeon’s Quarters, 25 May 2019

Date:  24 May 2019  IMG_3425

Equipment SP-11, Mag light Flashlights, EMF Meter, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, and Dowsing Rod

Outside Temperatures

EMF 0 milliGauss



Weather conditions: Thunderstorms were rolling through throughout the night


Investigators:  Jessica, AJ, Patty, Beatsa, Matt, Carrie, Ryan and Brenda

Claims: No other teams have investigated this site before.  Volunteers have been many but didn’t really notice much activity while cleaning the site.


Fort Winnebago was a 19th Century fortification the United States Army built between the Fox and Wisconsin Rivers near present day Portage, WI. The fort was constructed in 1828 as part of an effort to maintain peace between white settlers and the region’s Native American tribes following the Winnebago War of 1827. Fort Winnebago’s location was chosen because it allowed regulation of transportation between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River, also because of the proximity to the site of Red Bird’s surrender in the Winnebago War.

With the exception of troops participating in the 1832 Black Hawk War, Fort Winnebago was not involved in any combat operations during its occupation by the U.S. Army. From 1829 to 1831, the garrison, which included future Confederate President, Lt. Jefferson Davis, was put to work building a military road between Portage and Fond du Lac, WI. The garrison also assisted in the relocation of the Ho-Chunk Nation from Wisconsin to Minnesota. The fort was sold into private hands in 1845 after it was determined there was an absence of any real threat to peace and the U.S. Army decided to abandon the fort. In 1856 much of the fort was destroyed by fire.

What remained from when Fort Winnebago was occupied was the Surgeon’s Quarters. The Surgeon’s Quarters was located between a quarter and half mile from Fort Winnebago. The reason for the distance between the two locations was in case of quarantine. For instance, if a member of the garrison became ill with smallpox both the patient and doctor were quarantined away from the fort in order to keep the illness from spreading.

Today the Surgeon’s Quarters in owned by the Wisconsin Daughters of the American Revolution Chapter. They run the Surgeon’s Quarters and the Garrison School as museums. The Garrison School is a 19th Century one room school house that was in use until 1960. The school was moved at that time to its current location next to the Surgeon’s Quarters.

One final note… if you stand about 20 yards in front of the Surgeon’s Quarters you will be standing on the original road. The road ran for approximately a quarter mile northwest to Fort Winnebago.


On the way to the surgeons quarters with Brenda, Carrie told her she was picking up on the store like place she wasn’t sure what that meant because she was told it was a surgeons quarters but this had nothing to do with surgeons. More like it was a store she didn’t know what it was called apparently it was actually a Trading Post. Carrie had also picked up on a couple names two of them we’re not sure what they were to do with if anything. But she did write down who is John Jacob? And come to find out there was a John Jacob there. She had also seen a bunch of Indians in the area I didn’t know what that meant they were like moving through come to find out that happened. She also picked up on a river which she had written down because I didn’t know where the river was come to find out it was right near the surgeons quarter area.

We began our investigation getting basic readings of the house, photos and setting up cameras and monitors.The quarters does not have lighting and all the windows were covered with wooden shades. We did not explore the upstairs due to being told it was off limits and may not be safe.

Ft Winnebago
Photos captured by Jessica.  She attempted to outline the woman in the window.

Photos captured by Jessica.  She attempted to outline the woman in the window.

We lit most of the area up with flashlights.  We were not able to communicate well with mag light flashlights so those were changed to help with lighting.

We set up in the living room and in the surgeon’s office.  The uniform of 1812 appeared to have the most activity by it and we captured some EVP’s.  While using dowsing rods, Brenda mentioned she had Loyalist ancestry and the dowsing rods pointed to the doorway when Brenda asked if she should leave.  During this session, we captured an EVP on a Male voice on one recorder and on the other recorder, Jessica was saying, “Yep” (see youtube video)

While in the surgeons quarters there was a woman there named Dallas and Carrie saw a spirit standing behind her I got that his name was Benjamin and he was really attached to this woman. Also entering the hall I had the choking feeling in my throat like it was closing and then ask Jessica if she felt anything and she said she felt the same thing Carrie did.  Patty utilized a black light and was able to pick up blood on the Surgeon’s desk.

Audio Captured during Paranormal Investigation

Asking if it letter is an “A”

Were you a musician? “Yeah”

Were you a musician? “Thank you”

Were you injured as a musician? “Yeah right foot”

Video Captured during paranormal investigation

Watch the chair to the right of the screen.  We have deemed it’s not dust of bugs due to the speed

Watch the chair to the right

Watch the chair immediately as the video starts

There are more videos on our youtube channel of this room.  We did captures a mouse going through the door.


We would like to give the Wisconsin DAR a big thank you for allowing us to be the first team to investigate this site and wish them much success in the future.  We do believe there is a spirit of a musician at the site but at this time, we are unable to determine who he may be.

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