Ganong Butler Cemetery, 25 Nov 2018

Date:  11/25/2018 Start 1 pm

Photo by Megan Waldschmidt

Investigators: Brenda, Ace, Ryan, Megan and Patti

Equipment SP-11, Mag light Flashlights, EMF Meter, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, and Dowsing Rod

Outside Temperatures 45 F   Humidity 67% Precipitation 0 in


Wind 4 mph WNW

Moon Phase Waning Gibbous

Weather conditions: Cloudy (snow storm coming through at 2 am)


The William Gonong (aka Butler) Cemetery was first considered Nankin Township before it became the City of Westland in 1966.  The land was donated by the William Ganong Family in 1832.  The earliest burial is the wife of William Ganong, Margaret (nee Root) Ganong in 1836.  On the 1867 – 1936 Nankin twp maps, the land is owned by Charles Ganong. The last burial in the cemetery was in 1977.

Wayne County has owned the cemetery for many years and had become a magnet for Occult Followers, Witchcraft, and paranormal investigators.

Claims:  Many claims to have experienced a “woman in white” crossing Henry Ruff Road across from the cemetery.  She has been blamed for many car accidents as the round the curve.

Sarah Ann Dickerson

Another stated to come across the spirit of Sarah Ann Dickerson who died one month after her marriage to civil war soldier Matthew Dickerson.

Some paranormal investigators claimed to hear walking and seeing eyes.

Marion Kuclo photo possibly at Ganong, Detroit Free Press, 1971


poi_gallery_image-image-04c24318-3729-478e-adad-ab5f7f67c754Marion Kuclo, Gundella the Green Witch of Michigan, visited the cemetery in 1980 and found a blonde haired scalp in the cemetery.  The Westland Police were notified and they believe it was caused by animals digging.

Do not go to this site after dark due to legal restrictions.


When coming to the cemetery and getting out of the car, there felt like an extreme pressure in the area that made you feel like you were in a fog. It was hard to concentrate but the longer you were there, it eased up.

Ghost Meter
Reading at beginning of hunt

Patti began using her dowsing rods in various parts of the cemetery.  One area they took her to the front right corner of the cemetery. We could not determine if there was a burial there due to the overgrown brush and branches.  It didn’t seem like there was one but we can’t rule it out.

Our investigators attempted to find the grave of Sarah Ann Dickerson but could only find her brother and other Tyley family members.  We decided to set up near a William Tyley to do our EVP session. The area felt very calming.

Old man
Old Man walking by fence Photo by Megan Waldschmidt
Face behind tombstone
Photo by Brenda Ozog     Face behind headstone

We introduced ourselves and began flashlight communication but could not continue due to the flashlight remaining on.  We then went into a spirit box session using an SP-11 box.

We began with an EVP session in the middle of the cemetery.  The planes overhead created reverberation with the audio on the recorder. We captured a “Yeah” when talking about having one of the men take over and then later a “moan.”

We then began an SP-11 Session and when the box was turned on Brenda’s name was said.  When asking who was speaking we got “Jin Lee”.  Could Jin Lee be buried in the Eloise Potters field next to the Ganong Cemetery?  From that point we received no more responses on the SP-11.

We attempted to communicate with maglight flashlights and it seemed to be working up to a point.  When the light would no longer work, we began with the rods.  

Patti then began doing a dowsing rod session at the table and believes it was a baby that she was originally drawn to before the investigation began.   Earlier in the session, she used her dowsing rods to see where there were spirits that wanted to communicate and they took her to the grave of an infant.

We then walked around the grounds gathering EMF readings.  The readings were between 1 and 1-1/2.  The top of the hill near a big tree seemed to be the biggest reading.

Photos were taken throughout the cemetery by various cameras and viewed for anomalies or images.

We ended at approximately 3 pm due to the weather turning cold.

Video Captured during paranormal investigation

While videoing the investigation, a question was asked if you do not like us here at there is a big white flash. (13:55)

Audio captured during paranormal investigation (Best heard with headphones on)

SP-11 Session “Brenda”

SP-11 Session “Jin Lee”

Audio Recorder “MOAN”

Audio recorder “YEAH”



There was some activity at the cemetery but we are hoping to gather more.   We were unable to communicate with the Lady in White or fully with Sarah Dickerson.

We hopefully can go back again in the spring or summer to see if we can determine who the woman in White is causing people to swerve off the road and help Sarah Ann get some peace.

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