Historic Denton Road Bridge, Canton, MI 30 Nov 2018

Date: 30 Nov 2018IMG_4502

Historic Denton Road, Canton, MI

Investigators: Brenda, Ace, Megan, Tim, Kayla and Patti

Equipment SP-11, Mag light Flashlights, EMF Meter, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, and Dowsing Rod

Outside Temperatures 29 F   Humidity 89% Precipitation 0 in

EMF 5 milliGauss

Wind 3 mph E

Moon Phase Last Quarter

Weather conditions: Foggy


Mag light flashlights, Digital Recorders, SP-11 box, Dowsing Rods, Ghost Meter.


One of the local legends in the area is the Lady in Blue.  The Lady in Blue is supposed to have died running with her baby from her husband that killed her lover and went after her.  For the purpose of this investigation, we attempted to research possibilities of who could be the lady in blue, based on if she were running with her child and a blue lantern.  Another story said she was driving her car and crashed it in the bridge.  The stories began before the 1950’s so we looked at land maps previous to this time period.

Historical research of site

Attempts to find death records with families owning property around the bridge showing a young female or baby were researched and at this time, no records can validate the local lore. Newspapers online were also searched with no results.  We contacted the Canton Historical Society but there has been no response to this date.

1891 Map of Canton
1896 Canton Map of Historic Bridge Site

1936 Map


Brenda, Megan, Patti, Ace, Tim, and Kayla


We began our investigation at 11pm. All equipment was charged to 100% and we checked our vehicles for possible markings.

Ace checking under the bridge


Brenda had gone to the site earlier to take photos in the daylight. One photo appeared to have something unusual so when we returned at night, we went to the place where the photo was taken and could not figure what had caused the anomaly in the photos.  The photo she took earlier looked like someone peeking at her while she was visiting the bridge. We are chalking it up as shadows from the day time or a pile of dirt near the side.

When pulling out the equipment, we started doing our preliminary readings and the EMF meeting pegged out at a 5 milliGauss.  We walked a little down the bridge and the readings would drop. It only stayed at a five at one specific spot. There are electrical wires above the bridge but the readings were not constant when walking up and down the bridge.

We are determining that the bridge is a conduit for the wiring above and may have writing from the local utilities buried underneath as well.  This would be the reasoning for the high EMF.

We then set up our digital recorders.  Brenda’s began to malfunction and would not turn off and showed symbols from an Asian country.  Tim’s meter also drained. Ace’s camera’s battery completely drained, too.

We began an SP-11 session on the bridge and had voices of a male and a young lady.  The male sounded like a African-American Male. The female sounded very young.  While doing the session, we experienced temperature drops (-3) and a cold breeze in a specific spot.  It did not stay constant so it may be someone standing beside us.

After the SP-11 session, Patti pulled out her dowsing rods.  We attempted to contact the Lady in Blue and to see if her baby had died at the site.  Patti used one rod to direct her to the spot of the baby which appeared to be in the middle of the creek.  Tim and Patti went into the creek (which was only 8 inches deep) and used the rods to determine the spot of where the baby was said to be.  Once at the spot, Patti’s rods crossed her chest to signify to stay there.

Denton Road 20181130
Patti determining spot where the baby is


We then returned to the bridge and attempted a second SP-11 session.

As we started to pack up and leave, some members attempted to contact the lady in blue and ask about the baby again.  It appears they want to cross over but we were unable to do it at this time. It appears that a male is keeping the lady and her child at the bridge.

Megan checked her vehicle before leaving.  Frost had formed on the windows due to fog and temperatures and she found something on her windshield.


EVP’s Captured During Paranormal Investigation

African-American male telling us it’s important through the SP-11

African-American Male telling us he’s a little okay with us being there on the SP-11

African-American Male letting us know it was him

We were talking about the cold that came through and he goes WOOO

When asked if he wanted the Spirit Box turned off he says, “Don’t”

Another male voice appears to come through and says, “Oh my God”

We capture a woman giggling when Brenda clears her throat.

When asked what his name was, he stated “Amal”

A female came through and we asked her name and she said “Edie” (short for Edith)

Video Captured During Paranormal Investigation






The team feels the bridge has a lot of paranormal activity.  There was lots of experiences by all. The drive home, however, was very questionable because we did not experience the headlights coming into our lane as we drove south down Denton Road.

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