Pleasant View/Soop Cemetery, Belleville, MI 8 Dec 2018

Soop Cemetery, Belleville, MI

Pleasant View/Soop Cemetery

December 9, 2018 1 pm

Investigators: Brenda, Ace and Patti

Equipment: Digital Recorders, Video, Ghost meter, SP-11, Dowsing Rods

Temperature Outside: 30 F

Humidity 49% Wind WSW 7 mph

Moon Phase: New Moon



Based on a memorial stone in the cemetery, the cemetery was donated by Abraham Soop in 1832.  It was formerly called Pleasant View Cemetery but was later returned to the name Soop Cemetery. The land lays on the edge of Belleville Lake behind the Diamond Back Bar off of I-94.


Elizabeth Soop is known to haunt the cemetery. It is said she practiced some sort of witchcraft in her lifetime.   Her headstone is said to have two hands pointed down to symbolized her evil practices.

Soop, Elizabeth J.
Elizabeth Soop’s Headstone symbols

A researcher of headstone symbolism told our team, “The cross and crown symbol, also called a cross passing through a crown, is associated with the verse in James 1:12 that speaks of receiving a crown of glory after the trials of life. The verse states: James 1:12 (NIV) Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. The cross and crown are surrounded by a wreath made of roses. In Victorian Times roses in a wreath on a tombstone could signify beauty and virtue.”



We began our investigation using a ghost meter, audio and video recorders to see if we could capture anything in the cemetery. The sun was really bright so we were not able to look at the video screens while filming.


As we walked Brenda made a comment about going to an older section of the cemetery in the corner.  The video did not capture the EVP but the audio recorder captured, “I am here?”


We started to talk about the various stones and a few minutes later we captured, “Whatcha doing?”  We did not hear this on our own and the walking through the leaves may have caused extra noise.

We then was able to make our way to Elizabeth Soop’s plot and while we were there we attempted some video. Three video recorders stopped working so we ended up using a cell phone for video while Patti did a dowsing rod session.  You will here Brenda state that she saw a mist by Patti on the cell phone video. The video shows it a bit but you have to look very hard to see the mist. Patti reported feeling energy near her head at the same time. We tried to recreate a mist thinking it could be our breath due to the temperatures, but we were not able to.

One photo we took by the plot looked like a face of a baby in the leaves.  We can’t say it is or isn’t paradillia due to the interactions we had at that spot.

Baby Face
Photo by Brenda Ozog with Patti’s cell phone

We then returned to the RV and attempted an SP-11 Session.  We appeared to be unsuccessful in gathering any communication at that time.

Patti then attempted a dowsing rod session to see where the rods would lead us since we felt we were not getting anything on the meters.  Her rods took us to an unmarked grave then back to Elizabeth Soop. The rods would spin in circles at her plot.

Ace then went off on his own for a bit with the rods and came to the grave of a Civil War soldier and another grave of a woman named “Sophia”.  He told them he was bringing back his friends, but Sophia appeared to just want to communicate with Ace.

Man in the cemetery

We made it known before we left that no one was to follow us home. It seemed like Elizabeth wanted to follow based on the responses of the dowsing rods.

Upon leaving the cemetery, we took notice of some ravens landing near Elizabeth Soop’s plot. Was it a sign for us?  We may never know.


EVP’s Captured during Paranormal Investigation

“I’m right here”

“Whatcha doing?”

“Hey” the audio recorder was left running when we went to check on something.

Video captured during paranormal investigation.

Dowsing Rod Session.  There was a mist at :30


It was a very interesting site and challenges all the equipment used in Ghost hunting.  We believe we came into contact with a couple of spirits but we do not know who exactly they are based on the EVP’s. We were happy to debunk the symbolism on Elizabeth’s Soop’s grave which did not appear to have anything to do with Witchcraft and happy to see that she has visitors.


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