The bottle of Houghton County, Michigan


Company houses at Franklin Mine, Michigan
Franklin Mine Boarding houses

A bottle of cremains were found on a property in Houghton County, MI while digging a sewer trench. The bottle appears to be really old and it has been determined that they are human cremains.  At this same boarding house, there was a murder of three people on 4 Nov 1930.  A local officer, William Romano was killed while trying to save a young woman, a 55 year old Finnish man named Antii Hietala and the active shooter Emil Usimaki.

Claims: Bottle Man

The entity likes to mess with electrical and electronic devices.  At one point the bottle in the UP had to be moved out of the house due to the chaos it was creating for the property owner. Patti had taken photos of the bottle and we found that if the person was not of Finnish descent, the photos would not go through to them.

When Patti returned home from the Upper Peninsula, bazaar stuff started occurring in her home and her cat took notice.  She discovered a foot print in the cat’s litter box and something went through her dresser drawer.

Foot print
Foot print in Kitty litter




Communication Session with Great Lakes Ghost Hunters of Michigan

Investigators: Patti, Brenda and Ace

During a Second EVP session the bottle was brought down to the Detroit Metro area.  We used an SP-11, Maglight flashlight, digital recorders and dowsing rods.

Through dowsing rods, we believe she was born in Finland and we were able to translate some of the words we could see through the bottle.  

SP-11 Session Audio

“How are you?”

“I’m ready”

Male’s voice, “What is this?”

Video of Paranormal Investigation

In the bottle the city named Hämeenlinna (near Helsinki).  During the Russian occupation, many Finnish people were place here in 1918. Muttausun, may have been a Finnish concentration camp.

We were able to translate words about a woman at a social at the back of a courtyard in Hämeenlinna.  The translation may have been a story or poem from the old country.

We believe the entity is a female but cannot determining this and they may have been living in one of the mining boarding houses.  She seemed to really react to names that start with M. We do know that she wants to be buried in a Lutheran Cemetery.  


This will be an ongoing case and will be updating the site and facebook as we go.

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