UFO Investigation, Canton, MI 30 Nov 2018

Date: 30 Nov 2018

Historic Denton Road, Canton, MI

Investigators: Brenda, Ace, Megan, Tim, Kayla and Patti

Equipment SP-11, Mag light Flashlights, EMF Meter, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, and Dowsing Rod

Outside Temperatures 29 F   Humidity 89% Precipitation 0 in

EMF 5 milliGauss

Wind 3 mph E

Moon Phase Last Quarter

Weather conditions: Foggy


While doing another investigation with the Historic Denton Road Bridge, we came across info that there have been numerous reports of UFO sightings at the same site.  At the time of this investigation, through the page UFO Hunters, we found that the last report in the City of Canton was on 6 June 2017.

UFO in Wayne 2
UFO report from City of Wayne

According to the Syracuse Times, Michigan is ranked #9 as the state reporting the most UFO’s.

In December 1957, in the City of Wayne, there were two alleged reports of UFO sightings.  This was a couple of years after the Roswell, NM incident where people began reporting UFO’s yet the government stated that incident was a weather balloon.  In the city of Wayne, they determined the two incidents to be an aircraft and the other a weather balloon.

In 1978, WJR radio personality, reported seeing a UFO near the airport. To this date, it has not been determined what the WJR radio man saw.

With this information, we decided to test out the urban legends.

Michigan UFO Con-Tact was contacted about possible sightings in Canton, Michigan but had no further info at this time.

It is alleged if you point your head lights towards the sky you will see a ball of fire or a cross will appear. People reported their car losing power as well.


The FlightTracker 24 Ap. Lights, Video record, Digital Recordes.


While waiting to go to the site at 11 pm, the Detroit Metro area experienced an unusual sound that sounded like loud bass from a car passing, however, this was heard all across Wayne County.  Local police said it was fireworks from Greenfield Village. However, normally fireworks cannot be heard across the county. Flightradar24 was checked at the time of the noise and there were no planes in the area since we are so close to Detroit Metro.  Later in the 9 o’clock hour there were some sounds of fireworks but they were not the same as the sounds hear in the earlier.

Reports of the noise came from Livonia, Westland, Wayne, Belleville, Sumpter and Brownstown.

No reports were on the local news stations either.

At 11 pm, the team met at the historical Denton Bridge in Canton, MI and we tested the lore. The bridge itself conducts high EMF which may cause hallucinations if exposed for a long period of time.  There is also electrical wires that run across the metal bridge.

Video of Paranormal Investigation



At this time we could not validate the local lore.  Was the fog preventing our sight? Did we miss it because it came earlier?  Is it just a lore and there is no validation? Is the exposure to high EMF a cause that makes others see things? At this time we could not validate this lore.

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