Wayne County Hospital “Eloise”

Date: Ongoing through tours with Detroit Paranormal Expeditions “DPX” Eloise

Investigators: Ryan, Patti, Brenda, Shane, Ace and Meghan

Equipment: Recorders and Camera

Outside Temp 30 F inside Same no heat or electricity is in the building

EMF (not taken)

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent

Humidity was not noted

History of site:

“Eloise” was the city name of the Wayne County Poor farm.  The Wayne County Poor farm was located at Michigan Avenue and Merriman Road in the current City of Westland.  The poor farm made many changes throughout time and house the poor, Tuberculosis patients, and was mainly known for being an mental health institution.  Starting in the 80’s Wayne County began tearing buildings down and tore the Wayne County General Hospital about 1995. The only buildings that were left standing was the fire hall, bakery and the Kay Beard Building.  The fire hall has become unsafe and looks as if its about to collapse and in 2017 two teens set fire to the bakery. In 2018, the county sold the Kay Beard building to a developer for $1.


Brenda used to work with the county and knew many employees that worked in the Kay Beard building. Some of the claims consisted of hearing screams,items being moved, and seeing shadow figures. Many former employees reported feeling scared while working in the building.  Brenda had captured a photo of what appeared to be a person looking out a window when going to a meeting at the building in 2012.

Eloise in 2012
Photo by Brenda Ozog

When the bakery caught fire, one of Brenda’s friends captured a face in the smoke while the building was burning.  She was in the parking lot at the Kroger next to the building.

Baker Fire Face in the smoke
Photo by Jennifer Consitt


Brenda and Ryan were in the building on October with the historical tours another team was hosting.  While on the fourth floor, where the women were housed, Brenda began having extreme head pain like someone hit her with a bat.  Ryan reported feeling a finger poking him in the back as we walked down the hall.

While on the same floor, one individual had a FLIR and recorded what appeared to be a male figure in a t-shirt in one of the bathrooms.

Investigator Tim and Erika took a tour on a separate occasion and ran video while on the tour.  Tim captured sounds of cupboard doors opening and closing and loud sighs.

Second Visit as a group

We were able to assist to of the museums in obtaining abandoned artifacts in the building on November 13, 2018.

Some of the team members did a little exploring and took lots of photos.

We started on the Main Floor of the Kay Beard Building and we were searching for artifacts for the local Wayne Museum and Westland Historic Village Park.  Ace took the Wayne Museum reps to the basement to explore.

While on the third floor, Brenda began coughing really bad and Todd from DPX stating he does that due to the dust. There is a lot of environmental issues (paint peeling, dust, cold air, etc).  This was not one of the buildings that housed TB patients but the cough made you feel like one.

One of the museum reps had to leave due to feeling ill.  Another was removing a cigarette light from the wall and felt someone touch his head but no one was there.  

Ryan reported that his cell phone was fully charged when we were on the site and 1-½ later his phone went to 1%.


Photos and Videos Obtained during Investigation

Kayla may have captured a myst in one of the rooms

Myst by table
Photo by Kayla Sauers

Patti may have captured a face

Photo by Patricia Pelto

Meghan may have captured a full body in the basement.

Mist in the basement
Photo by Megan Waldschmidt

Videos obtained during tour

The videos were gathered during a historical tour.  At this time of year (October) there is very little bug activity and the building had no heat or power.



There appears to be a lot of spirits still attached the the building and grounds.  With the upcoming construction with the new developer, more activity may occur with the disruption of the energy in the building.

Artifacts are on display at the Westland Historic Village Park if you would like to see their displays.

The building has a lot of history an is a great place to explore with permission.


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