Belleville Museum, 23 Feb 2019

 We23 Feb 2019 IMG_2996

Time: 7:00 -9:30 pm

Weather:  Raining 37F

Humidity 90%

Winds e 8 mph Pressure: 29..78 Hg

Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous

Investigators: Ryan, Jessica, AJ, Patty, John, Ace, Brenda, Matt, Ace and Megan

Equipment:  Kinnect, EMF meters, SP-11, Maglight Flashlights, Ovilus, Video and Audio recorders, Dowsing Rods, Flir.


History of the site  IMG_3003

History of the Belleville Area Museum and Paranormal Claims

    The Belleville Area Museum occupies the old Van Buren Township Hall at 405 Main Street in Belleville, Michigan. Van Buren Township was organized out of Huron Township by an act of the Legislative Council of the Territory of Michigan in 1835. Township business was conducted from homes until this building was completed in 1875. The original plans called for a one-story structure; however, shortly after construction began, the local Grange offered to pay for a second story to be used for its meetings. In a spirited election, township voters accepted the proposal. As the Grange declined in popularity, the second floor became a community meeting hall. For a short time during the 1930s, the basement served as a jail. In 1952 the Grange relinquished its portion to the township. The building served as the township hall until 1959. The Belleville Area Museum moved into the Township Hall in 1996.


    Previous paranormal investigations have turned up the spirit of Dr. Robb in the Doctor’s Office Display and sometimes near the 1919 Model T he owned. Another spirit that is also present is that of a prisoner that attempted suicide in the jail in the basement. No other spirits had been reported before this investigation.


We began the investigation taking readings and photographing the building. Upon entering the building we could smell the scent of fruity tobacco.  The museum was shut down for a few months so no one had been in the building for a while.

Megan and Brenda went upstairs to see where the best place would be to set up the Kinnect.  While on the upper level, Brenda and Megan were having a hard time breathing and had to return to the main floor. Photos were taken of the room to compare with possible irregularities found later.  We captured a reflection of a woman in one of the windows.

Belleville MuseumWoman in Window



All EMF readings were normal.


We began an EVP session in the basement where the jail used to be. While down there we set up the flashlight, mini camera,Ovilus, EMF meter and video.  We began the EVP session before Jessica came down there to see what we could capture to validate what she may be sensing. The Ovilus came up with the name Robb and we later confirmed that there was items that belonged to Dr. Robb in the Museum.

Jessica came and joined us after a few moments and began to sense someone being choked and restricted.  The museum rep confirmed that an inmate attempted suicide in the cell.

Near the end of the session, Brenda felt someone grabbed her and found a bruise on her left wrist two days later. 

Some of the EVPS captured in this area were:

A female saying “Ahhh”


Stay Tuned




We then moved the investigation to the main floor where Ace was sensing a male and female presence.  Patty was picking up scents over by the medicine cabinet. We used the Kinnect there and captured some anomalies on the program.

John believes he captured a female presence by the “Changing Room” that was set up under the Five and Dime Store on the main floor.



Jessica and Megan went to the top floor and began a session there.  Jessica touched some desks and got a vision of a small male child. Looking through the photos on the walls, she was able to point out the child she saw.

Brenda, Matt and Ace went to the third floor afterwards and conducted an SP-11 Session

1:02 Yes

1:10 Yes

Another one

2:38 Donna

2:43 Jessie

2:47 Who is this

2:53 Jessica

3:55 Male Voice

3:09 He died

4:00 He’s sitting right there

4:38 Hello friend

5:31 Quit it

5:39 The Oxen

5:44 Horse

5:53 Open

We then moved over to the Fire Station that the museum owns.  While in the fire station we took some photos with the Flir in hopes to capture Dr. Robb with his Model T.  Instead we captured a lady sitting in the buggy and the museum rep stated that the buggy was owned by Fannie Green.

Lady in buggy
Lady in the buggy


There appears to be a lot of activity in the museum and it is non-threatening to anyone that is there.  We look forward to working with the museum with their fundraising and kids day events in the future.


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