Canton Residential, 24 Feb 2019

Canton Residential, 24 Feb 2019

Weather: Severe High Wind Conditions and rain “Bombcyclone”

Humidity 100%

Equipment: Flir, digital audio and video recorders, EMF meter, Mag light flashlights, Ovilus, dowsing rods.

Investigators: Jessica, AJ, Brenda, Megan, Ace and Carrie


Sherwood Village is located South of Michigan Avenue and West of Interstate 275 off Haggerty Road. This neighborhood was built on about 40 acres of land once owned by John Artley in 1876 and Charles Papke in 1936. Part of the property may also have been owned by Ephraim Truesdell. Not much is known about Charles Papke, but John Artley has strong ties to Van Buren Township and the City of Belleville. Sherwood Village was built in 1960 consisting of 385 lots. The complex also has paved roads and sidewalks. With playgrounds and recreation facilities.

Near Sherwood Village lies the Downer Cemetery to the north. According to the 1876 map of Canton Township, Downer Cemetery was located north of Michigan Avenue. However, by 1936 Michigan Avenue was rerouted north of the cemetery. Downer Cemetery is a small pioneer cemetery named after Lucretia Downer. In 1925, Lucretia Downer was one of a few pioneer women who purchased land and applied for a land grant in what would become Canton Township. Lucretia Downer, as well as veterans from wars dating back to the Civil War and Canton’s earliest pioneers, rest in Downer Cemetery.

In 1870 the property appears to be the farm of John H. Artley. According to a findagrave memorial, John Artley, was born in Wigginton, Yorkshire, England, and was the husband of Alzina Hicks, who was born in NY. They married Feb. 14, 1837 in Canton, Wayne, Michigan. He was a farmer. He was the father of Asentha, Milton, and Frank M. Artley, all born in Canton, MI.

John was the son of John Artley and Jane Dunning of Yorkshire, England. John is buried in Sheldon Cemetery.


Parents feel that activity started when the trailer park started doing a different way to create a foundation for the trailers by digging so far into the grounds. They suspect that the cemetery in the front may have been bigger and graves were not moved. We have not been able to find any documentation supporting this.

Mother is getting bruises and does not know how they are occurring.

Child is seeing a man in his room and will not sleep in his room.  The cats in the home will not go in there either. When the male child goes to a neighbors, electrical anomalies occur.  The male child said a female told him to draw crosses all over the trailer. The male child drew a photo of the “monster” he sees in the home.




Carrie's Notes

Carrie picked up a non-human form as well


We scanned the home for EMF and went through with the dowsings rods. When going into the children’s rooms, the dowsing rods would spin out of control and the wall the two rooms shared.   There was no electrical issues detected there.

Flir photos were taken through the house to detect any entities.  


An EVP session was started in the living room.  

We started with a role call and said all our names, and Jessica captures “Edna”

Brenda did a test question asking if we were in a movie theater and got a “no”

SP-11 Said “The child, he needs your help”

SP-11 – When asked what is your name we got “Cedric Luther My House”

SP-11 Carrie asks are you hurting Megan? Do you want me out of here?  We capture
“Me” and “Important”

SP-11 Picks up “Megan’s Mother”

“Get out of here”

The SP-11 calls out “Jessica”

The SP-11 asks, “What’s this?”

Brenda states you do not have permission to hurt anyone.  The SP-11 says, “Yes I know”

Brenda asks, What is your name? “Karen”

Carrie picked up that the boy was not seeing a grandmotherly entity.  Ace felt that there is a male there attempted to protect the young boy from something unliving.

A Smokey quartz was placed in the male child’s room to close the portal that was determined to be at the wall for the two children’s rooms.  The father was instructed to leave it there for three days and then bury the quartz off site. We then need to see if the dowsing rods still have the same spinning activity.  If not we will recleanse the home to rid any residual activity.

Palo Santro was used to cleanse the house.  At first the wood would not stay lit. After the third time lighting it, the piece was engulfed in a flame and stayed like that in the sea shell.  We continued to cleanse the house with it but it felt like something was trying to prevent us from doing so. Carrie had gotten earlier that an entity said, “nothing will work” and it felt that it was fighting us during the cleansing.


There appears to be many entities in the home.  We found out that a previous child was also experiencing the same thing and the current child (Seeing a shadow man in his room).  It appears there is an entity there to protect the child.  We found a portal entry in the child’s room and took the necessary steps to close it up.  Other entities appear to be at the home that does not appear to be family members (Karen and Edna).  With the SP-11, we cannot guarantee we were talking to entities in the home or if they were passing by.

Final Visit

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