Felton Farmhouse, Westland Historic Village Park 16 Feb 2019

This was a training session with a new team member. Felton Farmhouse

Investigators: Brenda, Ryan, AJ, Jessica and Commission Mike

Equipment: Flir, Maglight Flashlight, Ovilus, Video and digital audio recorder, epod, Dowsing Rods.


The house was built about 1850 by Walter Felton for his wife and step children.  He farmed many animals and may have had a cherry orchard on site based on an archeological dig done in the past.  Walter’s step son George Hubbel left the farm and fought in the American Civil War with the Michigan 24th Iron Brigade where he died at Laurel Hill on May 17, 1864.  He was injured on May 12, 1864.  After the death of Walter and his wife, the farm was later sold and rented up to the 1980’s where the city of Westland took over the property to make into a site for the historical society.


From previous investigations, people have experienced the spirit of George Hubbel.  He appears to like Civil War era music and when you leave cookies and candies out for him to smell.

Brenda believes she was able to get a photo of her and George outside of the farmhouse at one time. George Hubbel


We started an EVP session and received activity right in the beginning.  The EVPs seemed to slow down once the ovilus and dowsing rod session begun.

During the dowsing rod session, Jessica believes she came in contact with her grandmother who was previously in contact with her though the family’s medium.  With the medium, Jessica captured an EVP saying “two miles” and on the ovilus came up 2 miles.

We used a Flir during this investigation and may have captured an entity.





EVP’s captured during Paranormal Investigation

The Ovulis came up with Raficio and the entity repeats it “RAFICIO”

Ryan coughs and you hear a voice afterwards

We captured a “Hi”

A cat meowing

Spirit Box Session

“I’m enjoying this”




We will be working with the museum in the future with adult walks and possible kids days.  Watch our Facebook for updates.

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