Howell Residential, 3 Mar 2019

Howell Residence, 3 Mar 2019 IMG_3082

Temperature: 29F  Humidity 60%

Chance of snow 10#

Winds wnw 10 mph

Barometric Pressure 30.1 hg

Investigators: Brenda, Megan, Patty, John, AJ, and Jessica

Equipment:  Audio and Video recorders, EMF meters, Flir, Dowsing Rods, Ovilus, and SP-11 Spirit Box

Claims:  Client feels extreme anxiety in her home and so does her children.  She reported seeing shadows in the home. Another team had been out previously to do her home and when she called them to say activity was continuing, they told her to call a priest. They also violated her confidential and talked about her case with others in the city.


This section of land was first settled by James Sage in 1837 when President Thomas Jefferson opened up the Midwest after the Louisiana Purchase. Many New York families left and bought land in Michigan.

The home itself was built in 1900 according to Zillow but the current client stated she was told it was built in 1888.  The basement walls are made of giant stones and the house is still decorated with that time period decor in the wood. Client reported that many neighbors are into the occult practices which could be creating a lot of the activity.

The exact property was later owned by Andrew McKean according to historic maps and census records from 1900 til his death in 1926.  Mr. McKean’s death certificate states the he died due to a fall that caused a concussion and spinal injuries.  Could he have fallen and died in the home? His wife died in 1911. 

Andrew McKean
Andrew McKean

The house is currently an rental property and it’s not known how long it’s been a rental at this time.

For many decades, Howell had the reputation of being associated with the Ku Klux Klan due to White Supremacist leader and Michigan Grand Dragon Robert E. Miles, who held KKK gatherings on his farm, located 12 miles north of the city with a Howell address. Miles died in 1992. However, these gatherings, including the burning of crosses, continued in Howell. The reputation persisted into the 2000s, with events such as a public auction of KKK items scheduled for Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s birthday in 2005, the 2010 suspension of a teacher who removed students for wearing a Confederate flag and making anti-gay slurs, and students’ racist tweets toward a racially mixed team in 2014.

The Livingston Diversity Council, which was founded in response to a 1988 cross-burning on the lawn of a black family, promotes diversity and inclusion in the county. While they are quite numerous in Metro Detroit, Howell is currently not listed as being an active home to any hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.


When we entered the home, you could feel the anxiety in the air.  A neighbor was there and said he had to leave due to feeling very anxious.

We started the investigation with during EMF readings and taking photos of the home.  We found high readings (35) on a wall in the downstairs bathroom but discovered it was being caused by the refrigerators when it was running. We checked the outlet near the fridge and it came out good.

Jessica went through the home to get her own sense of what she was feeling and put that on video to compare at a later time of what we came up with in the investigation to validate.

Brenda went through the house with one dowsing rod to see where it was directing her for high energy.  While on the stairway, the rod would point into the corner. She then went under the stairway to the basement door and this is where the rod began spinning out of control.  This makes us suspect a portal is at this spot.

Spot of portal activity

We moved to the basement to get some readings and all readings appeared normal.

We moved the investigation to the living room where we began an EVP session.  We had some flashlight activity and believe we came in contact with the client’s deceased father and aunt.  Aunt appears to be there to protect the client from something bad.

In the living room, John appeared to capture the image of a shadow figure.

Howell Home

Patty did some communication for the family with her dowsing rods and the Ovilus and recorders were running.


We attempted an SP-11 session but only got two words from the session.

The team them moved the EVP session up to the client’s bedroom.

Brenda cleansed the home and gave Apache tears to place in the four corners of the house for protection and placed a smokey quartz at the spot of the suspected portal.

Our team stayed for a bit to make sure the client felt a change in her home after the cleansing and helped with a self healing Reiki session.

EVPs captured during paranormal investigation

Aunt Nonnie do you want to cross over? “NO”

Are you here with Amanda “FAMILY”

Female Voice

Girl giggle 1

Girl Giggle 2

Client was asking her mother is she needs a tissue and a drink and a girl’s voice was captured.

SP-11 Session


Video captured during paranormal investigation



We believe the client house is being occupied by a female child spirit.  We captured her giggling and mostly female voices through our EVPs.  This child is messing with the client and is being very “Childish” about it.  We think other entities were able to get into the home through the portal at the basement stairs.  By closing the portal, we may be able to limit the amount of activity in the home.

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