McGraw Sixth Precinct Police Station, Detroit, MI 14 Dec 2018

McGraw Sixth Precint Police Station

The temperature was 41 degrees and it was cloudy.

History:The 6th precinct police station in the 1930's.

The Sixth Precinct is located at on McGraw Street in Detroit.  It was built on 19 June 1930 to replace the Vinewood Facility according to Nailed: Pleading the 6th.  It opened up in 1931. This site serviced the northern Springswell Twp (AKA Delray) and Dearborn area.

In 1815 there was a treaty with the Wyandot and other native tribes to obtain the land as Michigan Territory in exchange for Peace.  There is no evidence that the sixth precinct is on any sacred land at this time.

There is not a lot of info on the history of the site but we know it was active between the 1930’s to 1999.  The city of Detroit put it up for sale in 2007. The 1930’s was the time of Prohibition.  The Former Tiger Stadium was built not too far away in 1938, so this area was very busy with activity.  The population in the 1930’s was over 23,000 residents.

This precinct played a big part in the 1967 riot that took place in Detroit that year. The owner also told us of several police officers that had committed suicide in the building.

Currently the “new” or current Sixth Precinct is located on Warwick Street.

The site has recently been purchased by a computer company to make into a data storage facility and possibly a Detroit Police Museum.  There is a call to help get the building restored. Click here for the Facebook page.


Previous teams have been in the site and have captured anomalies and EVPs. It appears to be an active site but we are not sure who is actively occupying the Sixth Precinct.


Digital Records, SP-11 Spirit Box, Geobox, EMF meters.20181214_221214


Megan and Ryan


Megan and Ryan arrived at the McGraw Police Station on McGraw in Detroit at 9:15 PM. The paranormal event hosted by DPX.

The investigation began at 9:30 PM with about 14 people splitting up into three groups. Each group was to spend about a half hour in the basement, main floor and second floor. Before splitting up into groups the owner gave a short history of the police station. 

Megan and Ryan were in the group that began in the basement. The basement housed the evidence room, shooting range and a few other rooms that would be in a police station. The shooting range is one of the places that several police officers committed suicide. During our investigation in the basement nothing immediately stood out. Listening to recordings and watching video may give us some evidence.

Our next destination was the main floor. The main floor is where offices and holding cells were located. Again there was no immediate proof, however, one of the Detroit Paranormal Expedition investigators had a device that used the same technology as the Kinect. The screen shows stick figures when a human walks in front of it, we witnessed a stick figure on the screen although there wasn’t a corporeal body in front of the camera.

We also spent time in the “drunk tank”, which was an over-sized cell. However, after listening to a spirit box for several minutes we didn’t readily hear anything… perhaps when we listen to our recordings we’ll hear something. After the drunk tank we each got to spend individual time in the cells, again perhaps we’ll hear something on our recordings.

Our last destination was the second floor. This floor in later years was where the gang squad was located, however, in the beginning it was a gymnasium. We began our session on the second floor by listening to a spirit box. Several questions were asked but when the question “Can you say the name of someone in this room?” was asked the name Todd came out. Todd is one of the founding members of Detroit Paranormal Expeditions and he was in the room.

One thing Ryan would like to mention is that in all of the sessions with the Geobox he kept hearing what sounded like a door slamming or a gavel being hammered down on a desk.

Video of Paranormal Investigation

No video captured during this investigation

EVP’s captured during Paranormal Investigation

This was captured with the Geobox during a session “I can see you”

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