Monroe House, Hartford, IN 24 Mar 2019

Investigators: Carrie, Jessica, Ryan, Megan, Ace, Brenda  Monroe House 20190324

Equipment: EMF meters, Flir, Ovilus. Spirit Box, SLS, Mag Light Flashlights, Dowsing Rods, Digital Records (Audio and Video).


The Monroe House sits on the corner of Monroe and Franklin in Hartford City, Indiana. The original 80 acres on which this house sits was purchased by Peter Wire on August 20, 1838… according to the Bureau of Land Management’s website. Over the years the property was sold and carved into smaller pieces of land and eventually would make up a large portion northwest section of Hartford City.

The house was built about 1851. John Saxon, the sheriff, lived in the house while waiting for the jail to be built. It’s possible that Saxon may have held prisoners in the basement at some point.

The Owner mentioned claims of child abuse and a suicide by hanging. There have been claims of two different cults that may have been in the house at separate times. The Owner also claims that he cannot keep construction workers to work on the house after just a few days. They leave the job and say no way. The house has spotty electricity and no WiFi.

Items have been donated to the house but have not been tracked where they came from so we cannot tell if there is an attachment to these items.  There are a lot of Ouija Boards and dolls given to the home.

Investigation  Monroe House photos.JPG

We ran through the house and completed our basic readings of the house.  The house is a triplex. We found three portals while doing our scan by using the dowsing rods to direct us to the the energy (one in the basement, one in the hallway, one if the back room above the spot in the basement).  Ryan used his EMF reader (see video), it went red in the basement near the crawl space when Ace put his hand inside and again near the end of the hallway leading to the laundry room.

After placing a smokey quartz in the hallway in order to close a portal a screw was thrown at Brenda returning to the rest of the group in the Safe Room.

We started an EVP session in the doll room upstairs and Megan had a DPX medium on Facebook live with us.  We captured some EVP’s there and felt like our hair was being touched. During this EVP session Megan started to get a headache and feel nauseous.

We then moved to another room on the upper level and began another EVP session.  The Facebook live session was cut short since Megan was not feeling well. Megan left to go downstairs, and the EVP session continued. This helped due to not having feedback from the live session.

There was no heat in most of the house so it was hard to tell if there were cold spots.  Jessica and Carrie sensed a lot of presences, however we cannot determine who or what they were. 

Monroe House Ceiling
Myst from ceiling

Ace and Megan experienced activity in the same hall where Brenda had the screw thrown at her. It was later determined that the supposed activity was just a breeze coming through the house. The breeze was making the plastic covering the doorway move.

Ryan, Megan, Jessica and Ace returned to the theatre room and doll room to conduct a final EVP sessions. In the theatre room, Ace felt there was strong activity in the Blue room. He rushed into the Blue room shortly followed by Jessica, Megan, and Ryan. Several orbs were caught on camera. They also noticed that the Bible setting on the podium was open, when earlier it was closed. Before heading to the doll room, they went back to the Safe Room to determine if anyone had touched the Bible, no one had.

Ryan, Megan, Jessica and Ace made their way upstairs. While in the doll room several noises could be heard, hopefully caught on a recorder, from one of the other rooms. At the end of the session, Ryan suggested that whatever was in the house was most likely playing with the team by moving from room to room.

Megan and Ace went to the Blue Room to make one last sweep to check the bible. They had closed the bible the last time they were in the room, it had not opened. Megan noticed that the door to the small room off the Blue room was opened. She closed the door and immediately felt anxiety and a strange sensation on her whole right side of her body. She described it as though something passed by her.

We ended the session at 1:30 am.

Audio Evidence Captured during Paranormal Investigation


Foot Steps and Tapping




The House


SP-11 Session

I’m trying to

Video Evidence


After returning to Michigan many of the team members felt fatigue or exhaustion for at least three days or longer. Several caught colds in the week following the investigation. Two team members claim to have heard or seen something in their homes. It is very possible that whatever is in this house can and does have a lasting effect on anyone who enters the house. The entity plays with investigators by moving from room to room, but only enough to entice them to come back.

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