Perrinsville School house, Westland, MI 10 Mar 2019

Perrinsville School House IMG_3123.JPG


Perrinsville began with a sawmill established by Abraham and Isaac Perrin around 1832. During the next century three one-room schools served area children. The first, a wooden school, was erected in 1833 on Marcus Swift farm. A second, larger one, was built on the William Osband farm in 1856 on land purchased from Isaac and Hannah Swift Perrin by Nankin District No. 2, was the first brick school in the township. Classes were held here until 1937 when Henry Ford constructed the nearby Nankin Mills schoolhouse as a replacement. Perrinsville School served as a church from 1948 to 1968. Having suffered many changes over the years, including the removal of the teacher’s platform, the cupola, and the wainscoting, the school has been restored to its 1890s appearance by the city of Westland, which acquired it in 1990.

The Perrinsville one-room schoolroom was built in 1856 as a Greek Revival architecture style made with soft red, clay bricks that were made at a nearby brickyard. For eighty-one years, from 1856 to 1937, the school was used for educating the boys and girls of Nankin. In 1937, the school was closed and replaced by another one-room school called Nankin Mills, built by Henry Ford two and half miles away.


There are no claims at this time.  We were testing out the site for any activity.

Weather Conditions:

Inside Temp 41 F

Investigators:  Patty, John, Ace, Brenda, AJ, Ryan and Jessica

Equipment: SP-11, Dowsing Rods, Maglight Flashlights, Audio/Video Recorders, Ovilus, EMF Ghost Meters.


We started a short investigation in the old school house with a normal EVP session.   We were unable to get the heat working in the building and the power box kept making popping noises like the fuses were tripped.

It was very quite the whole time before we started the investigation.  The Ovilus was set up and did not go off until the SP-11 was started.

We seemed to have some energy show up in the aisle between the desks with the dowsing rods.

We then used a theory created by Bert Richards called Period Resonnance where we acted as if we were teaching a class at that moment.  On the audio recorders we got a student who stated his name was Ted.

Video During Investigation

EVP’s Captured During paranormal Investigation

Female Voice

George Washington “YES”


Male voice

BRENDA from the SP-11 Box

We did Period Ressonance for this part where we acted like we were in real time with a class and asked who was in the seat and got the name TED



This site has so much potential for further investigations.  With more investigating, we believe more entities may come out for communication.

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