Brenda, Founding Member

Brenda Ozog, Founder

Founding Member (2018)

My name is Brenda Ozog.  I have been married 25 years and have three children.  I work during the day as a Social Worker in the school.  I first started working in the field of Radio and Television and graduated from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts.  I was also a Professor for Psychology at Baker College teaching Abnormal Psychology and Death, Dying and Bereavement. I am also what you call Clairsentient.  I can sense the environmental heaviness, sense when spirits are there (but can’t see them), and feel how some may have passed away through their ailments.

I’ve been a paranormal investigation for approximately 7 years, three of those years I ran a local ghost hunting team before deciding to create my own team so we can reach out farther within the Great Lakes area.

For the last seven years, I completed all the reports you would see on the websites and put together the web pages of paranormal investigations I led with the other team.

I’ve been interviewed numerous times on television, radio, newspapers and in books in regards to paranormal investigation.

I plan to continue to help people with their paranormal issues but with more focus on the historical facts and more forensic techniques.  


Phantom Messages by William Hall and Jimmy Petonito (2018)


BlackOut with Samantha Scarlette (2018)

Television appearances:

Channel 7 WXYZ (2018) 

Channel 7 WXYZ Live Segment (2018)

Channel 7 WXYZ (2017)

National NBC (2015)

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