Jessica Ansley, Investigator & Sensitive

Jessica Ansley

While Jessica is new to investigating, she is not new to paranormal experiences. She has spent her entire life experiencing instances of paranormal activity. She has always been hyper-sensitive to the five senses, and lately her “sixth sense” has been awakened. Her experiences began as a child around the age of five, and ever since, she has been fascinated by anything that pertains to the unknown. After finding out her youngest was also experiencing things that could not be explained, a new fire was ignited, and she has since made it one of her life goals to help those in need. So that she may be able to help them find their own answers for their paranormal experiences. When she is not doing research on the paranormal, she can be found working as a Professional Musician, painting teacher, or photographer. She is also a full time mother to two beautiful children and a full time wife.

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