Ken Ace Taylor, Investigator


Founding Member (2018)

Ace was born & raised in Detroit, Mich. Is the father of 2 grown children whom he cherishes dearly & he is also a very private & conservative man.

He was born with a gift of intense sensitivity & has had many inexpiable experiences with the paranormal & lived most of life blocking & trying to ignore it.

2005 he experienced death as we know it, he felt the feeling of utmost euphoria; however was revived & realized things were a lot less intimidating. This experience calmed his feelings of having such a gift & given him a new outlook on life, spirituality & the acceptance of the gift.

Years later a variety of paranormal circumstances led him to further accept his paranormal gifts & is now inspired to work among other experienced investigators helping people & entities find their place with in this universe.

He has chosen to join forces with Great Lakes Ghost Hunters for the strong trust & support the entire group has to share.

This is a field of so many unanswered questions & situations, which he finds extremely fascinating in be able to learn & help seek these answers.

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