Megan Waldschmidt, Investigator

Megan Waldschmidt InvestigatorFounding member (2018)

My name is Megan Waldschmidt. I am a single mother to a very curious 8-year old.

I work full-time as a medical assistant in Ypsilanti, MI.

I love meeting new people and am very friendly. I have a variety of interests, and love learning new things.

I don’t have much experience as far as the paranormal goes. As a child I would see figures moving in the hallway of my house.  This has always sparked an interest in the field, especially the historic aspect. I love learning about the history of a building or residence.

I recently took a trip on a public investigation to Bryan, OH and had my first personal
experience. I was lucky enough to experience my hair being grabbed. There were also a couple times in locations that I had unexplained headaches that resolved once the area was left. These experiences have made my interest in the paranormal stronger.

Investigating will allow me to do what I have a passion for….helping people. I would love to help someone understand the experiences they are having.

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