Patricia Pelto, Founding Member

Patricia Pelto

Founding Member (2018)

Degrees in “Science” & “Communications”

Grew up knowing she was different with many intuitional experiences & always capturing Orbs in her photography. This gift was taken lightly until recently when she began focusing on distinct energetic sensations & has had amazing things happen in her life.

Recently retired from a Michigan Municipality as a locator for the water/sewer department. This “Dowsing” talent came very easy & was at a 98% positive locating record. This includes locating lost items, detecting ailments (out of line energies) & led to the study of Chakras.

Owner of a Fitness & Dance studio from 2005 – 2016 helping 1000’s of people achieve their life’s goals. Utilized healing “Dowsing” on clients to further increase their well-beings. She grew to become a Reiki Master seeking more services to further help clients in reaching their full potentials.

With intense curiosity & a variety of unexplained phenomena she began researching & learning many Forensic techniques to help scientifically explain such phenomena’s.
The previous has led the way to becoming a Paranormal Investigator helping all energies & to close on “unfinished” business.

Her future goals are to full time travel via RV & help solve many of life’s issues that come her way…

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