Warren Residential, 29 Dec 2018

Date: 29 Dec 201820181229 Warren Residential

Warren Residential


Brenda, Ace, Megan, Patti, and Ryan


SP-11, Mag light Flashlights, EMF Meter, Digital Recorders, Digital Camera, and Dowsing Rod

Outside Temperatures 30 F   Humidity 78% Precipitation 0 in

EMF 1 milliGauss

Wind SSE 7 mph

Moon Phase Last Quarter

Weather conditions: Snowy


Mag light flashlights, Digital Recorders, SP-11 box, Dowsing Rods, Ghost Meter.

History of the site:

The house built at this address was built in 1963. Looking at the 1859 map of Macomb and St. Claire Counties, Michigan the property appears to have been owned by a G. Bolam. G. Bolam would be George Bolam a farmer who owned 160 acres. According to the 1860 Census for Warren, MI George lived on this farm with his wife, Susan, and their 7 children… George (Junior?), Thomas, Mary, Susan, Robert, Abbey, and Ann. There is an 84 year old domestic named Mary Ann Condo living with George and Susan as well, perhaps she is Susan’s mother. George is listed as having been born in Northumberland, England. Susan is listed as being born in France. Mary Ann Condo is listed as being born

in Prussia Germany. The children were all born in Michigan.

Warren, MI 1916 Map
City of Warren 1916


You son is hearing scary voices in his room, causing him to be unable to sleep in there alone.  Mother has heard a child yell out “Mommy” when home alone as well.


Upon entering the location, the team was not sure what to expect. We only  knew there was a young boy involved in the claims of the location. Patti and Ace were already at the location, and Brenda, Ryan and Megan showed up about 5 minutes after Ace and Patti.  Patti wanted to talk to the mother personally before we all showed up at once.  Once all of us were present,  we started by talking with the mother, daughter, and son. The son has mainly been the one experiencing voices and sounds. He has been so scared that he has been sleeping with his mother for the last few months. They have only lived in the house for about 6 months.

Brenda was talking to the mom in the living room and began to feel tension in her chest.  She asked who had heart issues and the mom revealed her grandmother died of heart issues.

Megan spent a few minutes walking with Patti and the boy while he used the EMF meter in different locations. Megan noticed that he seems to be anxious, maybe a little nervous. Megan remember thinking he seemed quirky.

We allowed the boy to follow us through the house with the meters to show there was nothing threatening in the home.  We felt this would help him feel more secure in his home and room. He used the ghost meter and we checked his outlets to make sure they were grounded.  He seemed to enjoy doing this with the investigators.

After the EMF readings of the house, Brenda, Ryan, the mother, daughter and Megan sat at the kitchen table and performed an EVP session. Megan and Ryan recorded the session on their recorders and phones. During this session we began by probing any entities to find out who may be in the residence. After a few minutes, we began using the spirit box. During the spirit box session, a spirit said the word “mommy.” After a few minutes, we ended the spirit box session.

Once the spirit box session had ended, the mother disclosed to us that she has heard the word “mommy” on a few occasions when no one was home or in the same location as her. This prompted Brenda to ask if the mother if she had lost any children. The mother then disclosed that about 14 years ago she had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. We do not know what the baby was but the eldest daughter called the unborn child a female.

Also, during the EVP session, we found out that the boy had suicidal thoughts about a year ago and was receiving treatment. The mother also informed us that the boy had not had any experiences for the first month they had lived in the house. This piece of information I found crucial. Maybe he suffered from depression I thought.

Patti, Ace and the boy emerged from the boy’s room where they were using dowsing rods to communicate with any entity in his room. The boy informed the rest of us that they were talking with a female spirit who was trying to find her mother. Megan immediately wanted to go into the room and find out more.

All of us went into the boy’s room to continue using the dowsing rods to find out more about this female spirit. I decided to record the session. During this time, we asked how old the spirit was (under 3), if she knew her mother was near, if she knew she has passed, if the boy was her younger brother, and if the spirit saw a light. Ultimately, the mother took the dowsing rods, and talked with the spirit. The spirit was informed that her mother was holding the rods.

The boy wanted to take the rods again and asked the spirit if he was her younger brother. The spirit crossed the rods, which indicated a yes answer. During this time, the mother got emotional. The boy seemed to be a little more at ease, but I couldn’t help but wonder if his anxiety and thoughts played a part into everything that was going on. I wanted to talk to him more with not as many people around.

Brenda smudged the house and Megan followed while recording the act (See videos).

We started to pack our stuff up, and I stayed in the boy’s room with Ace. Megan was asking him how his sleep has been. He stated that he has not been sleeping very well. Megan let the boy know that bad sleep adds up and can cause many different things to happen. Megan didn’t want to say it can cause hallucinations, and thinking things are there that are not. Megan emphasized that it was important for him to get good sleep. Megan also talked to him about if he was having anxiety at all and asked a little more about his thoughts of suicide. He stated that he was feeling alone and thought about jumping out the window (of his old house) and taking a pirate sword and hurting
himself. Megan wanted to make sure that he knew that his mother needed him and that he was brave for taking the steps to help himself.

Some of the males on the team felt very emotional after this investigation.

EVP’s Captured during paranormal investigation (please use headphones to hear better)

Ryan captured a “Hello”

Step away “I AM” and it should go off
Near the end of the EVP session Megan captures a HI while mom was talking
Patti and Megan were showing child how to do the dowsing rods and Megan captures a WHAT?

SP-11 Session Recordings


Are you a relative “RELATIVE”
MY NIECE who’s your niece? COURTNEY

Video captured during paranormal investigation

Cleansing of the home


Our team debriefed about the case and feel the child may be sensative.  Mom seems to be supportive of this.  It appears the first child was looking for her mother and went to the brother for help.  He did not understand what was happening and it made him scared.  We talked to him about accepting or denying his ability to sense things and his choice to embrace or not.
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